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Your homes foundation is an important component to its longevity. At Precision Foundation Repair we will conduct an in depth assessment of the properties foundation, both inside and out. Whenever possible we will deliver the good news and we will employ solutions that are the least disruptive whenever possible.

Not all signs of foundation problems are actually foundation problems. Things like cracked brick veneer and sticking door can be indications of other problems like plumbing, grading or trees. The first thing to do when assessing a potential foundation problem is to understand the root of cracked exterior wallthe problem which can be done by a thorough investigation by one of our certified technicians.

The best outcome is that there are no repairs needed. If, on the other hand, repairs are needed they don’t necessarily have to take long to resolve or be a disruptive process. Our technicians work quickly using proven techniques that are convenient and guaranteed. Once we have completed a through investigation we will determine the best solution for foundation problem.

Should we determine that your foundation is fine and doesn’t need any repairs, we will gladly let you know! Performing unnecessary work on your home’s foundation can create problems. A great number of foundation inspections performed by us every year either need small repairs or no work at all. We can provide the homeowner with maintenance advice or refer to a qualified plumber if needed.

Using Steel Push Piers to Repair Your Foundation

Steel push piers are among the most commonly use techniques to resolve certain foundation problems because they are less intrusive. A hydraulic system is used to drive the pier into the ground.

What to Expect with a Push Pier Installation

Our crews will dig a hole near the foundation at each spot that the pier is going to be installed. L-shaped brackets are then attached to the bottom of the footing. The piers are pushed through the load bearing soil which are also called piles. This process will shift the load of the unstable soil onto the piers. This process will be performed at various points around the homes foundation. Once all of the piers have been installed the holes are filled, covering the installed brackets.

Now that the foundation is stabilized it will be ready for any cosmetic repairs and/or waterproofing.

Horizontal Foundation Fatigue

Sometimes the walls of the basement get a tremendous amount of pressure from the expanding soil and extreme temperature changes. The pressure on the basement walls can cause horizontal cracks and bowing walls. What is needed to fix this problem is first to remove the pressure on the wall, then stabilize it and lastly repair the crack. Using an innovative product called the Reinforcer can fix the problem without the need for invasive tools or procedures.

The Reinforcer is designed to counteract the outside pressure on the wall by taking the tension force that the concrete can’t handle. This will make the wall stronger and help to eliminate shifting.

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Now that your foundation is repaired you may need foundation or crawl space waterproofing to protect your home long term.