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Sump Pump Systems in Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury & Norwalk

Keeping Your Connecticut Basement Dry

A dependable sump pump system that’s a work horse and looks good too!

Your sump pump system is the heart of your Bridgeport basement. Our sump pump systems are designed to do all of the hard work and keep your basement or crawlspace dry year round. Your sump pump sits in a hole in your basement floor where water is collected and then pumped out and away from your homes foundation.

If you’ve seen a sump pump, you’ve probably not been impressed because they are usually an eye soar in an ugly open pit. We eliminate the ugliness with a sump pump liner that is made from a strong, resilient plastic that sits inside the pit and has an airtight cover. An efficient and properly installed sump pump is one part of Precision Foundation Repair’s overall waterproofing solution.

Reasons You Can Count On our Sump Pump Systems

1. Quality: We utilize the highest quality motors in our sump pumps. They are designed to run for long periods of time and deal with high volumes of water.

2. Reliability: Our sump pumps are designed with a clog-proof feature. To keep your pump performing strong for a long time we’ve included check valves to minimize the pump run time.

3. Handsome: We know you don’t want an unsightly sump pump sitting in the corner of your basement so we our pumps are clean and neat with an airtight lid.

4. Variety: We offer a variety of sump pump models and can help you select the system that will be able to handle the workload and meet your budget requirements.

5. Power Outage Protection: Big storms bring big rains but they can also bring power outages and this is the worst time for your sump pump to not be working. Ask about our blackout protection system.

6. Alarm System: All sump pump systems installed by Precision have an alarm system that works similar to a fire alarm. If the float lifts due to water rising and the motor doesn’t turn on the alarm will sound letting you know if there is a problem.


sump pump diagram


Choosing a Quality and Dependable Sump Pump System

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Your sump pump plays an important role in keeping your basement and crawl space dry. You’ll want to install a dependable sump pump that will keep your home dry for many years to come. Call us today for more information about our systems and installation.

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